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Certified Organic with BioGro NZ

Quinta Feijoas produce and
products available

• direct from the grower by courier to your door:
Feijoa 5kg and 10kg Cartons

• at the Roadside kiosk (in season):
61a Omaha Valley Road, Matakana

• at Matakana Village Farmers Market Stall:
Saturdays (in season)

• at Charlies Gelato and Gull Matakana:
(in season)

In season sales and from the kitchen


• Hand picked organic fruit

Organic Feijoa Fruit


• Nutrient rich

Organic Feijoa Fruit


• Frozen whole, all year sales

Feijoa Fruit


• Bulk orders fresh and frozen

Frozen Feijoa Fruit


• Feijoa Chutney, Jam & Jelly

Organic Feijoa Fruit


• Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil


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Our story

Feijoa Sellers, matakana, New Zealand


Helen and Peter Lory
inherited the orchard of trees when they bought the property in 2011. There an idea was born, ... Why not make this a life style and business venture with health and well being a motivation around this wonderful succulent fruit ... Their idea was pollinated with multiple thoughts and today you have discovered the birth of a brand they intend to feed New Zealand with.

The joys of organic farming
are many and varied. In the midst of our daily grind Fantails busy themselves as unpaid servants in the orchard tending to the insects and if you are like Helen and Peter they are always an attractive, un-complaining delight. Whilst a large variety of bird species habitat our organic orchard just a few do the important task of pollinating the beautiful feijoa flower during their daily quest for food.

Our feijoa cultivars ripen at different stages throughout the season from March to June and their taste is ... Out of this world ..., high in vitamin C, minerals, fibre and antioxidants - you cannot stop at scooping out the flesh of just one!

Growing organically at our Quinta ensures much improved soil condition, greater natural life, more birds and a better quality fruit.



Feijoa Flower, Feijoa Fruit Basket, Feijoa Fruit

"Enjoy our journey and grow with us"